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I thought I'd post a sort of "introduction" to myself, my views and beliefs and this blog.

I am a seventeen-year-old White, Anglo-Saxon, normal, middle-class male. I'm not an asylum seeker or an immigrant, I'm not a Muslim, and I speak English. All of that, according to our present "liberal" Establishment, makes me a very boring person. Should I move to a different town, that town wouldn't become more "enriched" and "vibrant" because of my presence there. I'm not in any official "oppressed minority" group.

I do, however, live in a heavily "diversified" town in North-East London, so I've got a good idea about the reality of "multiculturalism".

I don’t believe in forever toadying to the demands of Blacks, Muslims, or anyone else; I don’t go to ridiculous lengths not to do anything that our "minorities" may disapprove of; and I’m willing to fight for justice for the British people, and a bright and better future for our nation.

I value independent thought and honesty, so I’m not interested in parroting the fashionable "liberal" platitudes: I don’t believe that diversity is our strength, or that multiculturalism is enrichment, or that the British economy would be at third world levels if it was not for third world immigration.

I've been a nationalist for around two years, and support the British National Party, which I will hopefully be joining next year.

I'm not sure exactly what this blog will be, or how often it will be updated. I hope to comment on news items, and on nationalist tactics and ideology, and I'll try to update it as often as I can. I have written around twenty articles pertaining to nationalism, which I have posted on www.britnat.blogspot.com. I expect that this blog will consist of short comments rather than long articles, although I may post some of that which I've written for Britnat here from time to time.

In simple terms, a nationalist is somebody who supports the idea of nations.

So anyway, what is a nation? Dictionary.com defines a "nation" as:

1. a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own.

2. the territory or country itself.

3. an aggregation of persons of the same ethnic family, often speaking the same language or cognate languages.

Britain today can only be considered a nation under the second definition. It's an island that you can see on a map. But surely a "nation" must mean more than this? The word nation derives from the Latin word "nascere", which means "to be born". How can Britain be a genuine nation today if millions of people who live here were not born here, do not speak our language fluently, and feel no loyalty or care towards to our country?

For a "nation" to be a real nation, it has to be based on a common identity; the population should be of the same ethnic or racial group, speaking the same language, conscious of their own unity. A nationalist, as I would define the word, is anybody who agrees with this idea of nations. Not "A British nation as an administrative zone for the European Union", not "A British nation as a piece of land", but a British nation as an ethnic and cultural entity, as well as a geographic area. That is the most sensible definition of what a nation is.

I appreciate links to this blog, and will create a links section of my own which will include blogs and websites that link here, as well as other blogs and websites that I think nationalists will find interesting (and non-nationalists enlightening, hopefully).

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Blogger Simon said ... (13 November, 2006) : 



Blogger Red Squirrel said ... (15 September, 2007) : 

I think that your blog is excellent and well balanced. Thumbs up to you!


Anonymous A.N.Other.Englishman said ... (03 January, 2008) : 

Simon, hello.

Can you expand on what you mean by 'anglo-saxon'?

And don't the multiple languages and ethnicities of the indigenous peoples of Britain make 'British nationalism' rather oxymoronic?

I came to this blog via the links page at IamanEnglishman.com btw.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12 May, 2008) : 

loooooony tuuunnnnnneeesss


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13 August, 2008) : 

you poor lad, your country is going down the pan.
get out of essex mate.


Anonymous Sean Bryson said ... (20 April, 2010) : 

Nice blog, it's a pity that you have not got me linked in properly.

You have my name "Sean Bryson" in your Nationalist Sites section, but you do not have me linked into my site ?

Sean Bryson


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